About becoming a textile federation designer

Textile Federation brings the best print designers and illustrators together with buyers in the fashion and home industries from around world, helping artists to develop lasting business and greater control of their working life.

We are currently only accepting a limited number of designers each year.

Better, lasting business

More than just a space to upload and sell your designs, Textile Federation offers a suite of features that enable you to connect with and develop lasting customers.

From uploading to the general gallery, to entering live design briefs, to being commissioned on site, our platform will ensure you maximise your time spent designing.

Maximum protection

We're obsessed with Intellectual Property so you don't have to be. With Textile Federation you can relax knowing that the inegrity of your designs are protected and that your work will only be sold to verified commercial buyers.

Our legal terms, techincal specs and strict registration procedure ensure that you have the maximum protection possible.

Maximum value

When you sell designs through us you keep 80% of the proceeds.

For our part we work hard to promote the platform, getting your work increased exposure to businesses every day, so you can focus on designing.

For common questions take a look at
our FAQ's